Friday, February 23, 2007

Ephemera - Rhyme

The author/ess of the following work is unfortunately unknown, though surmised. Together with two somewhat less artful works, we came across the following rhyme in which the author laments his or her age and its attendant opportunities and limitations.

"50 something, youth has gone,
A greater confidence has come.
To someone outside looking in,
You're just another old has been.
But when you're inside looking out,
You're just the same without a doubt.
This age of all the new inventions
Opens wide a vast dimension.
Opportunities galore to change your skills,
Stretch your intellect if you have the will.
Travel on a budget pass,
The world's your oyster at last.
Shrug off all the mundane tasks,
Take on new challenges, and bask
in comfort with yourself.

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