Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ephemera - Medical Crib Notes 5

Finally, the three longer crib notes from the series:

Antitoxins, Serums &c.

Antitoxinum Diphthericum. Diphtheria Antitoxin. Is a preparation from serum containing the antitoxin globulins which have the specific power of neutralising the diphtheria toxin. Biologically assayed and its potency expressed in units. Dose-By injection. Prophyltic, 500-1000 units. Therapeutic, 10,000-20,000 units.

Antitoxinum Tetanicum. Tetanus Antitoxin. Biologically assayed. Dose-Prophylactic, 1000-2000 units. Therapeutic, 20,000-40,000 units.

Antitoxinum Welchicum. Gas-gangrene Antitoxin. Neutralises the toxin formed by B. perfringens. (B. Welchii.) Biologically assayed. Dose-Prophylactic, 4000 units by injection. Therapeutic, 10,000 to 20,000 units by intravenous injection.

Serum Antidysentericum (Shiga). Antidysenteric Serum (Shiga). Contains the immune substances which have a therapeutic value in persons infected by B. dysenteriae (Shiga). Biologically assayed. Dose-By injection, 4000-10,000 units.

Toxinum Diphtericum Diagnosticum. Schick Test Toxin. Diphteria toxin diluted so that .2 mil contains the test dose. Dose-By intradermal injection, .2 mil; 3 minims.

Toxinum Diphthericum Calefactum. Schick Control. Is Schick Test Toxin which has been treated to a temperature of not less than 70oC for not less than 5 minutes. Dose-By intradermic injection, .2 mil; 3 minims.

Toxinum Diphthericum Detoxicatum. Diphteria Prophylactic. The toxicity of the toxin is reduced by several methods. Dose-By subcutaneous injection, the volume indicated on the label as the dose, twice or thrice at intervals of two weeks.