Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ephemera - Entertaining Inspiration

A selection of handwritten notes, mostly on the cooking theme:

Item one, page one.

Whisky Chocolate Pudding
Raspberry Malakoff
Ice Cream

Whisky Chocolate Pudding
Songe Fingers - sprinkle with mixed strong coffee.whisky.
Melt chocolate ; Beat in egg yolks
Whisk whites . Fold into Mixture .
Chill . Degrate with chopped
Roasted Almonds

Drambuie Iced Souffle

Item one, page two.

Item one, page three.

Melon ;
Turbot or Halibot
Chicken must not be frozen
Coq au Vin
or Chicken Breasts
Raspberry Malakoff or Ice Cream
Salade Nicoise
With Salmon, Anchovies, Tomatoes.
Potatoes, French beans
Hardboiled Egg, Lettuce
Black Olives
Peppermint Car[?h?]bib

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