Wednesday, July 04, 2007

First World War field guns

This first photograph shows the wonderful array of equipment accompanying what presumably would have been first world war field guns (type unknown.) There are baskets, shell cases, tracks, ammunition carrying boxes complete with straps &c. &c. Where these photos were taken again is beyond us. There are no inscriptions to the rear. The visible flora, particularly in the photo below, appear north European, with birches [?] predominating among the trees. The moss on the trees is perhaps densest on the side nearest the camera, with the light coming from the right as we look at the image. Any input again would be appreciated...

Ephemera - Unknown football team

Can you help identify the football from this unmarked and undated contemporary photograph? The principal clue is the presence of a double-headed eagle on the shirt badge. According to Wikipedia, the double-headed eagle appears as a part of the state symbolism of the following countries: "The lot was purchased in Fife or Tayside and we would suggest a Polish connection as an initial line of enquiry. Was the double-headed eagle not also used on club shirt badges? We don't know.