Thursday, July 08, 2010

P-P-Pick up a Topic

Of all the blogposts on UET, none has generated more interest than one we wrote in 2007 on an old Penguin wrapper. I am pleased to bring you an exciting new development in this groundbreaking community research.

A reader has been in touch with the following message:


"I just found a Penguin wrapper in most unusual circumstances tonight. It's not in best condition, but predates the one on your blog by a good while I think.

"I found it stuffed inside a bicycle handle bar!!! From a late 1940s bike! It was scrunched up, but when I straightened it out a little this is what I found (attached) It's not the best pic, used flash, but it says on the wrapper "Macdonalds Milk Chocolate Penguin Sandwich Biscuit". Made at the Glenc(g)arry Biscuit......... Bakery Glasgow.

"In the other side of the bars I found a Peek Freens Majestic Wafer wrapper. Also pictured, but that's another story maybe."

Can anyone go one better we wonder?