Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ephemera - Sermon Series 2

CHSS2. Verso of CHSS1.

2/ The power of the Words
"" of God in them
water healed
Present time streams waterfall
Poluted with Germs on sea
as they flow purified
cleansed of
You find Elisha add
We never purify taking out add
Christ to this scene not to taken
away might have life, life
That our lives may have the
beauty of Christ in us
When we find this we will be
like the Man bought Picture
When we take Christ [] out
this & that
[] we are living & worshipping
God to the full

Ephemera - Sermon Series 1

A Transcription of a bundle of sermons uncovered in an old volume of Charles Spurgeon's own sermons.

(New lines taken or a slash '/' indicates a new line on the card. [NP] indicates a new page. [] indicates unreadable text.)

Ruth 1-
verse 1 a famine 22 a harvest
Chap 2 A Stranger 2-16 A Provision provided
"" 4-22 A King
Famine - testing time he goes down to Moab
but never returns going down to death leaving the
place (Bethlehem)
Moab, Egypt, type of the world, just rest
contented, neither serve the one, nor the
2 Sam 11 The Sins of the Flesh Psalm 21
Matt 26 Petros after " devil John 21
The effect of young dawn to Moab
friends die whom the Lord loved he chasteneth
She heard of the good news of Bethlehem of
plenty Lord visiting this place with bread
IG Ruth discussino whether this goes I will go
She blames the Lord for it all
She returned at the end of Barley harvest
John 9-5 A Provision provide
"" 6-35
"" 11-25
"" 10-9
1/ The Condition we are in

Ephemera - Trustee Savings Bank

An example of the old pay-in slips for the Trustee Savings Bank, now part of Lloyds TSB. Pre-1995.