Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ephemera - Penguin biscuit wrapper

How long has it been since Penguins looked like this? Who designed them?


Drew Macdonald said...

Where did you find this picture, my grandfather invented the Penguin biscuit, do you have anymore trivia on it or know where I can get more info. My Dad only seems to have the sales and targets for some of the other products.

midnightoilbooks said...

Thanks for your insight. Any anecdotes on your Grandfather would certainly be of interest. Why did he call them Penguin biscuits? Drew, would you like us to send you the wrapper? E-mail me on david[a]midoil[.]c[o.u]k

Duncan said...

My daughter Gwen who lives in Zurich sent this link to me, where the poster Drew Macdonald is the son of my first cousin Michael. In response to the question he poses my recollection in that the biscuit was called Penguin as it was originally a dark chocolate enrobed biscuit sandwich with a white cream filling, and the contrast of the dark chocolate with the white cream filling was reminiscent of the colour contrast of the Penguins feathers. I might add that this is my personal recollection and given that I am now over 70 could well be an apocryphal memory