Thursday, February 15, 2007

Engelsk-Svensk for Life - Salaries paid to heads of governments

And continuing the series:

"Variosu [sic - I wouldn't usually but this is a dictionary] governments pay their chiefs as follows: The United States, $50,000 a year; Persia, $30,000,000; Russia, $10,000,000; Siam, $10,000,000; Spain, $3,900,000; Italy, $3,000,000; Great Britain, $3,000,000; Morocco, $2,500,000; Japan, $2,300,000; Egypt, $1,575,000; Germany, $1,000,000; Saxony, $700,000; Portugal, Sweden and Brazil, each $600,000; France, $240,000; Switzerland, $3,000."

It would be interesting to see how the pay scale had changed in the intervening period. Odd too perhaps that the best-run country paid the least.