Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ephemera - Medical Crib Notes 7


Vaccinum Vacciniae. Vaccine Lymph. If stored below 0oC, keeps its potency for long periods, but if stored above 10oC, the potency cannot be assured for more than 7 days. Dose-By scarification, .06 mil; 1 minim.

Vaccinum Typho=paratyphosum. Anit-Typhoid-Paratyphoid Vaccine. T. A. B. Vaccine. Contains in 1 mil 1000 million of dead B. typhosus, 500 million of B. paratyphosus A. and 500 million of B. paratyphosus B. Should not be used later than 18 months after preparation. Dose-By subcutaneous injection, .5 mil (first dose); 1.0 mil (second dose after 7 to 10 days' interval).

Tuberculinum Pristinum. Old Tuberculin. A concentrated filtrate from a fluid medium on which B. tuberculosis has been grown for a period of 6 weeks. or more. A transparent, viscous liquid, yellow to brown in colour. Odour like that of honey Biologically assayed. If undiluted is stable at ordinary temperatures. When prescribed with the suffix T is prepared by growing the human bacillus, when the suffix is PT the bovine bacillus. Dose-By subcutaneous injection. []stic, .001-.005 mil ; 1/60-1/12 minim. []tic, .000001 mil, gradually increased; [], gradually increased.