Monday, February 12, 2007

Ephemera - Medical Crib Notes 1

Our most recent rescued ephemera comes from a medical textbook on Tuberculosis. They appear to be a series of crib notes, perhaps intended to aid exam revision. We print them here in full again with the intention that nothing of value be lost to posterity.

Acidum Lacticum. Lactic Acid. CH3.CHOH.COOH. Contains 87.5 per cent. w/w of C3H6O3. A colourless, syrupy, hygroscopic liquid iwth a slight, but not unpleasant odour, sour taste. Dose-0.3-1.2 mils; 5-20 minims.

Acidum Borisum. Boric Acid. Boracic Acid. H3BO3. White crystals or powder, slightly acid bitter taste. Sol. 25 water. Dose-0.3-1 g; 5-15 gr. Preps.-Glyerinum Acidi Borici. 31 per cent. Unguentum Acidi Borici. 10 per cent.

Chromii Trioxidum. Chromium Trioxide. Chromic Acid. CrO3. Dark red acicular crystals, deliquescent and corrosive. In contact with small proportions of alcohol, of ether, of glycerin, and of other organic substances, it is liable to []. Very sol. water. Acidum Acetylsalicylicum. Acidum Benzoicum, Acidum Boricum, Acidum Hydrobromicum Dilutum, Acidum Hydrocyanicum Dilutum, Acidum Oleicum, Acidum Salicylicum, Acidum Tannicum, considered elsewhere.