Monday, February 12, 2007

Ephemera - Medical Crib Notes 4

Extractum Hepatis Siccum. Dry Extract of liver. An alcoholic extract of ox or sheep liver, contains the specific principle which increases the number of red corpuscles in the blood of persons suffering from pernicious anaemia. A light brown, very hygroscopic powder, faintly meat-like odour, saltish taste, sol. water. The dried powder is mixed with 1/10 of its weight of dried sodium chloride and transferred to tubes which are then hermetically sealed. Each tube contains the equivalent of 225 g or about 1/2lb. fresh liver. Dose-The contents of 1 tube.

Extractum Hepatis Liquidum. Liquid Extract of Liver. The dry extract dissolved in a mixture of glycerin, alcohol, and distilled water. 1 oz. is the equivalent of 8 oz. liver. Dose-30 mils; 1 oz.