Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ephemera - Speedo

I was going to entitle this Speedoes, but then perhaps it should have been Speedos. Who knowes? One of the tragedies ov the arrivale of modernitie is the mannerie in which all the ees were culled.

Anyway, to business...

This garment is created for competitive and discerning swimmers from special
lightweight fabric, and dyed and printed in exciting fashion shades. It is
guaranteed for a quality of workmanship and fastness of colour if the following
procedures are observed.
1. Avoid contact with all rough surfaces as this may cause abrasion
of the lightweight fabric.
2. Rinse in fresh cold water after use in swimming pools and
seawater. Squeeze Gently. Do Not Wring.
3. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight if garment is left in
polythene bag.
In case of complaint, please return this card with the garment to
Speedo Europe Ltd., Nottingham, England

Do not wring? That is an essential part of any visit to the baths.

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