Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ephemera - Life in your hands

Verso of this guide to the metrification of explosives, there is a warning card outlining the duties of a shot-firing sentry. It reads as follows:

Life in your hands
You have been appointed as a shot-firing
Do not allow anyone to pass you into the
danger zone.
Under no circumstances must you leave
your post until you have been relieved
personally by the official who appointed
The Coal Mines (Explosives)
Regulations, 1961 Ex. Reg. 42
1. No person who has been posted as a
sentry in pursuance of Regulation 41
shall leave the place where he was posted
until the person who so posted him has
personally directed him to do so.
2. No person shall pass a danger sign
exhibited for the purposes of shot-firing
without the authority of the shot-firer or
trainee shot-firer concerned, or shall pass
a sentry who has forbidden him to do so.

Produced in the interests of safety by
ICI | Nobel's | Explosives | Company | Limited"

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