Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ephemera - Perfect Cooking by Parkinson

Cookery books typically prove an ephemera junkie's paradise, with blank final pages doubling as a scribblepad and loose leaves being thrust in at random. An exceptional instance of this was provided by the above title, which is not only rare enough itself, but contains numerous such inserts. These will be published or reprinted in our blog entries throughout the coming week.

Bibliographical reference: Perfect Cooking: A Comprehensive Guide to Success in the Kitchen, Entered at Stationer's hall. All rights reserved. Written and compiled by the Staff of the Demonstration and Research Department of the Parkinson Stove co., ltd.,. With a Section on Fascinating Foods from Abroad contributed by Miss GWEN L. HUGHES, Dipl. of Dom. Sc., Melbourne, Australia. Revised, November 1947. Hardcover, in green cloth. pp. 275.

The section on foods from overseas alluded to above betrays a remarkably wide appreciation of international cuisine, and the recipe list is worth quoting in full here.

Borstch, Herring Salad (Germany), Soles aux fines herbes et au vin blanc (Brittany), Soles à la bonne femme (Banska Bystrica), Bacǎlao, Leipziger Allerlei (German), Aubergine provencale, Braun Katoffler (Danish). Pommes de terre savoyard, Spaghetti (Italy), Ravioli (Italy), Pieta, Sheese-filled pockets, Gibanitsa (Chesse Tart), Djuvetch, Musaka, Ražnjići, Kajmak (Kaimak), SourMilk, Joghurt, Slatko, Slatko of Roses, Black Coffee, Slava Cake - Zito, Chinese Steamed Rice, A Famous Chinese Fish Dish, Chinese Savouries, Japanese Beef Sukiyaki, Hungarian Goulash, Sauer Kraut, Wiener Schnitzel, Filet Mignon Henri V., Schnitzel Garni, Fillet of Veal with Mushrooms, Crôute Fromage (Swiss), French Pêches bourdaloue, Caramel Sauce, French Toast, Little Plum Puddings (Czechoslovakia), Czecho-Slovak Cakes, Bratislava Rozky, Kolac, God's Grace, Noodles, Vanilla Kipfel, Christmas Stars, Black Boys in Shirts, Anicka's Little Coffins, Tvaroh, Knedlicky, Strudel, Spinach Pie, Apfel Strudel, Baba au Rhum, Crêpes suzettes, Paris Biscuits, Cornflake Nutties, Passion-fruit flummery, Swedish Wafers, Hjortetak, A Swedish Wedding Cake, Gurabija, Nuremberg Merigues, Petits Fours, Pernik, and Boiled Eggless Cake. Any of these can be supplied on request. Please contact us through the Midnight Oil Books website.

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Lights 2 Flag said...

A very interesting post. I have a copy of the book which belonged to my late grandmother.

She used to be a very good cook initially at home but later she worked in catering for the NHS in various hospitals here in Kent.

I was trying to find out when the book was published. Are you sure that it was 1947 as it seems a bit strange that it would include recipes from Germany so close to the end of the war.

Also some of the ingredients used in the recipes (e.g nutmeg, ginger etc) would have been very hard to obtain due to rationing.

I would have thought more likely the mid to late fifties or perhaps I have a later edition of the book. Unfortunately it does not appear to have a date marked inside it.