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Ephemera - Dundee Municipal Elections 1969


"Tuesday 6th May
"Craigie Ward 4
"P. R. Starling

"The Progressive Candidate


"78 Seafield Road,

"Ladies and Gentlemen,

"I am honoured to be selected by the Dundee Ratepayers' and Electors Association to stand as Progressive candidate for Craigie Ward.

"Since my co-option to the Dundee Town Council, it has been my pleasant duty to represent you on many Corporation Committees, where I have endeavoured to serve your interests to the best of my ability.

"I have called upon many of you in your homes, and have taken a keen interest in your personal problems.

"Dundee has been my home since the War, and as a citizen of Dundee I have taken an active interest in the affairs of the Dundee Ratepayers' and Electors' Association, both as a committee member and as a candidate.

"I would therefore ask the ratepayers in the Craigie Ward to have confidence in me and vote for me on Tuesday, 6th May.

"Progressive Achievements
  1. New civic theatre.
  2. Development of New Central Site.
  3. Satisfactory industrial situation.
  4. Direct air service to London.
  5. Social and Health and Welfare buildings functioning in 1969."
Questions arising:

Was the candidate successful?
If not, who did?
What has become of the Ratepayers' and Electors' Association?

Searchable terms: homeless, Planning Department and Public, Inner Ring Road, Crime, Lord Provost, Progressive Administration, Scottish Secretary, Local government, Election Pledges, Pension Increase Act, Local Authority Pensions, Socialists, Teaching Auxiliaries, Nursery Schools, Further Education, Commercial College, transport, Prices & Incomes Board, Scottish Omnibus Group. Should it be necessary, I would be happy to provide the appropriate paragraphs as searchable text.

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