Saturday, December 22, 2007

What we were Reading in 1817.

Here is an interesting catalogue from the rear of a 1817 copy of Dr. Johnson's Rasselas, detailing Classics published by Walker and Edwards of London. How many should be rediscovered, we wonder.

Thomson's Seasons and Castle of Indolence.
Hawkesworth's Telemachus.
Pope's Homer's Iliad.
Ditto Odyssey.
Junius' Letters.
Ossian's Poems.
Young's Night Thoughts.
Rasselas by Dr Johnson.
Ovid's Metamorphoses.
Dryden's Virgil.
Robinson Crusoe.
Chapone, Gregory and Pennington.
Francis' Horace.
Ovid's Epistles.
Roderick Random.
Death of Abel.
Falconer's Shipwreck.
Gray's Poems.
Tales of the Genii.
Milton's Poetical Works.
Vicar of Wakefield.
Cotton's Visions, and Moore's Fables.
Seven Champions of Christendom.
Hervey's Meditations.
Pope's Poetical Works.
Old English Baron & Castle of Otranto.
Spiritual Quixote.
Zimmerman on Solitude.
Sturm's Reflections.
Humphrey Clinker.
Sandford and Merton.
Gulliver's Travels.
Don Quixote.
Gil Blas.
Watts on the Mind.
Tom Jones.
Persian and Turkish Tales.
Pilgrim's Progress.
Peter Pindar's Works.
Lord Chesterfield's Letters.
Joseph Andrews.
Bucaniers of America.
Goldsmith's Essays, Poems and Plays.
Marmontel's Plays.
Beauties of Sterne.
Belisarius, and Numa Pompilius.
Locke on Understanding and Bacon's Essays.
Chesterfield's Principles of Politeness &c.
Paul and Virginia, and Elizabeth.
Nourjahad; and Almoran and Hamet.
Cowper's Poems
Devil on two sticks.
Peregerine Pickle.
Doddridge's Rise.
King Arthur.
Mackenzie's Works.
Dodd's Beauties of Shakespeare.
Tales of the Castle.
Atala; Indian Cottage; Gressner's Idyls, and First Navigator.
Tristram Shandy.
Mason on Self Knowledge; Economy of Human Life; and Melmoth's Great Importance.
Fairy Tales.
Sterne's Journey.
Voltaire's Charles the 12th, and Peter the Great.
Chinese and Oriental Tales.

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